Kamis, 22 November 2012

Pray for GAZA

I used to smile and my land so beautiful, green and peace. My friends play each other, they laughed, they fought, they cried. I love my homeland, I love the people, I love my friends, that was so peaceful. But a blinding flash of white light lit up the sky over my homeland, missiles, bomb, rocket, fallen down and destroyed my homeland, then people running for cover not knowing whether they're dead or alive. It such a nightmare for us, an innocent child cried, screamed because of fearless. Satanic came to our homeland, the engine of their tanks and their planes fulfill our sky. Just a voice of missiles, bomb, rocket rising up in the smoky haze. Women and children alike murdered and massacred while they debated on who's wrong or right. Bombs fell down like acid rain but through the tears and the blood and the pain.

My beautiful homeland was a dream and my smile fade after they bombarded. They just know about WAR, WAR and WAR. Many people of us killed, many of children smile in died, many babies killed. We just see the war from behind the wall, sometimes I wonder, why adults people like to war, sometimes adults people too selfish, they do not think about us which still young, still baby, still want to enjoy the life. When this war will ended? when my beautiful homeland become a green anymore? when the peaceful will come?.

I want my smile back, I want to play with my friends again. They think that they God who have power, that's not power, they just killed us and they just happy to see us sorrow and misery. I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT STOP THE WAR, do not you see an innocent lovely face of children died? WAR SHOULD BE ENDED and PEACEFUL SHOULD BE BACK TO US.

Pray for GAZA by Ganis Wicaksono 22.11.12 - 23:00
Cikarang, Bekasi

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