Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Letter to....

Beb, you know what, when the sky is falling down, I always besides you. The shine of your eyes, seems like a moon in my heart, your skin like a porceline.

If I want your love, would you give it?, beb, when I see your smile, it seems that I touch the night skies. The stars in the sky is falling down into my heart.

But babe, in every sorrow and misery that you gave to me, it seems like a drug. A drug which kills my body slowly, but anything that you gave to me, at least I can learn some lesson.

Love, don't you doubt my love?, what I feel know, actually I don't know what I have to do. Time always spinning around like a wheel.

But know I realize that I found my identity, I found my self, I found who I am.I'm happy with who I am, I'll live my life with or without you. It's me,

au revoir!!!

by GaWi - 24.06.11

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