Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

Violence in society

Politic in Indonesia changed since 1999 which turn into democratic system. The fall down of Soeharto from president make political system different. A lot of violence happens, then political condition chaos. In view of extensive democratization and decentralization reforms, Indonesia is still experiencing high levels of violence.

Recently case in Papua, the government does not give much attention to Papua, so Papua want to be an independent. In here, government should look after Papua from Indonesia from NKRI. Papua give big contribution for Indonesia and natural resources. On the other hand, like in Aceh, almost the same with in Papua. Aceh want to be an independent but finally Yusuf Kalla be a negotiator and Aceh still be NKRI. Violence is a manipulation tool as one of propaganda in politics. Violence effect to our society moral, it constructs people morale. Society is provided with an objective and firm foundation. Civil society plays an important role in our society, because society part of democracy system, if the social is not good, political system will be not good too. The mobilization of civilians into paramilitary groups draws on extensive social forces and a tradition of creating , mobilizing, and incorporating crime as part of politics.

The provincial distribution of group violence in Indonesia has two notable features. First, in terms of deaths, as is well known, North Maluku, Maluku, DKI Jakarta, West and Central Kalimantan have been the worst provinces, but it is less well known that these are not the provinces with the highest number of incidents. Second, Java also has the largest number of incidents falling in the “Others” category.

Youth clashes constitute the single most important trigger of group violence. Young people in all parts of the world participate in large numbers in riots and various other forms of group violence. In Indonesia, however, the nature of such clashes is very different. Policy interventions that could somehow channel the energy of the youth in a positive direction are worthy of serious consideration.

In addition, violence is example of how bad our political system. Sometimes violence for propaganda to make bad democracy. To make a good political system, we have to clean our government first. We have to stop violence in our society so we can make a good democracy politics. For an adequate understanding of group violence in Indonesia, attention should be paid not simply to the national level factors, such as the changing fortunes of the New Order and the changing political dynamics at the national level, but also to local-level factors.

In conclusion, to prevent violence in our society, the government should take control in society. People should support government in a good way then give appreciation with choose the right President.

by Ganis Wicaksono

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