Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Live your life

Life, what form of life?, like a ball?, like an apple?, or like an Earth?. Life, sometimes we feel despair, hopeless, but what we can do?, sit and do nothing?, stare at the stars?, or hope to see a shooting star and make a wish?. Life is complicated, imagine our heart, blood, and small particles in our body, what would happen if one of them doesn’t care each other?, it’s possible if our heart work without the flows of the blood?.

Life, it’s life beautiful or life is a nightmare?, it’s depends, we should thankful to God. Nightmare in a life, it could be very scary, insecurities everywhere, the shadow from your past, paranoid of Jack the ripper. Yup, life, life and life, which one better, life in this world or life in the beyond?. No doubt that life has risks, it could be anything, lose someone, your friend stabs you from behind, etc.

Whatever it’s, this is your life, not another people life. Time always spinning around, could you stop the time?. What a pity if we waste our time, because we can’t turn back the time. One thing for sure that we live in this life not forever, it’s temporary. Everybody will die, but we don’t know when. Yeah, live your life.

21.05.11 – 00:48 by GaWi

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