Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

FWB and NSA?

What are the differences between these;

-friends with benefits
-No string attached

BQ-which one do you prefer?why?

-  They may seem similar but they actually have subtle differences. Friends with Benefits means you still can hang out and text each other and have the same "friend" responsibility. No strings means that you could absolutely hate each other! The order of commitment is this. Girlfriend>Friends with Benefits>No Strings Attached

- FWB would be with someone you know and is something that is re-occuring. NSA would be maybe considered a one night stand or a weekend fling then you both go your seperate ways

- I prefer Nob Stringd attached.
I prefer it because the friend thing would awkwardness.I mean you see your friends all the time.I did it before and all I could think about was what we did last night.It was so awkward and I kept looking at him and he kept looking at me.My friends figured it out immedietly.I never felt so embarrased.But me and the guy are in arelationship now.The no strings attached just keeps it simple.No extra stuff.

- They are basically the same thing, except I would say that "friends with benefits" is more of a think between friends where as "no strings attached" could be between random people who aren't friends. I would prefer the friends one

by GaWi

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